When you work with artisans, you buy more than just a service.
You buy hundreds of hours of trial and error.
You buy days, weeks, months, of disappointments and of pure joy.
You buy more than a mere object,
You buy a piece of heart, a bit of soul, a share in someone’s life.
Most of all,
You buy more time for artisans to live their passions.”
– Anonymous –

At KinaMania, we pay homage to artists and artisans. We take traditional crafts and handmade expertise that we combine with a contemporary approach and design aesthetic to bring you – kinamaniacs – quality products with a soul.

While artisanship struggles to stay alive in today’s fast paced and highly competitive global economy, we have committed to putting handicrafts from around the world in the spotlight through diverse fashion accessory lines. This is our way of protecting cultural heritage and the welfare of talented artisans.

KinaMania stands for the Mania for Kinas.

KINA sandals Sandals are the first item of our kina product lines. Kina sandals are abarca-inspired flats. Abarcas are traditional Spanish sandals from the Baleares made from leather with rubber soles. We reimagined these sandals, tailoring the design to create diversity and a contemporary edge:

THE CLASSICS line | Styles UNO, DOS, TRES, CUATRO and CINCO are comfortable slip-ons made from leather with comfortable rubber soles.

THE VOYAGE lines | These lines are at the heart of our brand. They are collaborations with artists and master artisans from around the world. The front part is hand-embellished showing the richness of their crafts. Read more about our Voyage lines.