Collaborations with artists and master artisans from around the world


LAURAB are panels of metal mesh hand dyed, assembled and carefully set on leather in the artist’s atelier in Barcelona. This collection is a collaboration with Laura Bortolami, founder and designer of Laura B Collection Particulière, the luxury fashion accessories brand that is found in the most select boutiques around the world. After working alongside Georgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Anna Molinari and Dolce & Gabbana, Laura started out in the early 90’s with her own brand, designing accessories and jewellery with a vintage feel. The collaboration with kinamania resulted in a glamourous line of flats.

ORIENT is a hand embroidered kina Voyage line in collaboration with INAASH organisation – – that works with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The organization’s objective is to preserve the rich heritage of Palestinian embroidery: for that they have built a team of skilled women that have grown to gain international reputation for prized craftsmanship since the 1960s. The embroidery patterns are ancestral motifs, cross-stitched on canvas with a rich and beautiful combination of colours. These traditional patterns, called “tatreez fallahi”, symbolize attributes of positive beliefs like good health, hope, prosperity and protection. The motifs date as far back as the Canaanites who lived in the area over three thousand years ago, and are derived from sources as diverse as ancient mythology and foreign occupations. Because using the right material for the embroidery is vital, the canvas used is made of cotton from Amman that is loosely woven in grid patterns to keep the stitches neatly aligned and the thread is pure cotton French DMC. To ensure flawless workmanship, the thread tension must be constant throughout the making of each pair of kinas, which is why the same hands embroider a pair from beginning to end.

ALEPPO is a hand embroidered kina Voyage line in collaboration with The Ana Collection organisation that launched a doll collection to aid refugees. The drawings are illustrated and inspired by the un-heard stories, hopes and dreams of refugee children and their families in Aleppo. The embroideries however are made by Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Refugees helping refugees: inspiring stories of solidarity. BIG FISH and HOME SWEET HOME are embroidered on a luxurious, supple weaved outdoor fabric that is water repellent.

SPAIN are beads, sequins and reflective metal threads of gold and black intricately embroidered on leather. This collection is a collaboration with a Spanish tailor of bullfighters. While the issue of bullfighting provokes controversy, torero outfits called suits of lights or trajes de luces are nonetheless flamboyantly chic and brilliantly crafted. They are based on the Spanish aristocratic garments of the 18th century. Given Spain’s historical religious conflicts over the centuries, the embroidery patterns are influenced by Islamic designs and Christian iconography.

The vintage trends are making a comeback and Voyage à l’Atelier is our in-house interpretation of the retro fringe of the 1970s. The leather fringe is hand stitched using waxed thread and a thick needle.